Open door or closed door?

heat, energy, energy savings, energy loss, energy consumption, heat loss, heatingOpen door or closed door?
by Peter Motte, 265 words

Lots of greenies will have been irritated by it from the early beginning, and lots of shivery people too: retailers keeping the doors open during the whole day, irrespective of the weather, hoping that walkers would be blown into the shop by the breeze.

But does it work?

A scientific study has been conducted using counters in the shops. That gave researchers more than ten thousand registrations, supplemented by street camera's with almost one and a half million registrations of passerbys. The shopkeepers were asked to follow a cycle of closed doors during one week, and open doors the next week, during in total five weeks. In that way a bunch of data was collected, which made it possible to compare the entering clients with passerbys in case of closed or open doors.

That information could also be compared with outside temperatures and the days of the week. After all, a sunny Saturday afternoon draws more visitors than a rainy Monday morning, and the type of shop is important too.

After comparing the figures in all possible ways, it turned out that closed or opened doors don't make any difference in the number of visitors or in the turnover. But it does make in difference in energy consumption: apparently closed doors prevent 39% of the energy to walk out of the store.

The research was conducted by Eandis, collaborating with Stadslab2050, Haystack International, the Flemish Energy Agency, the City of Antwerp, the shop keepers organisation Quartier National and the freelancers organisation Unizo.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

translator: Peter Motte

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